My favourite uplifting quote is a good way to start a writing day:-  Unless you try to do something beyond that which you have already mastered - you will never grow!" (Pam)


Try to establish a work space that's just yours.  Where you can walk away, and when you return it is exactly as you left it. This isn't always easy, with a family around.  But, there must be a corner somewhere, then to deter sticky inquisitive fingers, how about throwing a cloth over it and pinning all the corners together underneath.  Would that work?  Ideas please. (Pam)


I always tell people (regarding their writing)  "Don't wait 'till you give up work.  Start NOW!"(Mrs Cynthia Castellan, NAWG member,  writing with the Litchfield and District Writers)


I've tried establishing a corner in our bursting at the seams house and it just didn't work.  Our three year old can unfasten pins.  My husband put up a shed for me and that's been fine until the winter started and now I'm either cold, broke from the electricity bills, or back in the house.  But it does make a good story in the telling.  Sorry this sounds pathetic but at least I'm trying to add something!  (Jo Russ, No time as yet to join a group)

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