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I was born in South London and lived there, except for short detours to Surrey and Bedfordshire, until moving to Peterborough twelve years ago. Three children from my first marriage, and two boys coming into my life forty years ago when I married my second husband, have produced many weddings and seven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. This, with all the accompanying ups and downs, has been drawn on for the realism of family life depicted within the pages of  'The Last Resort' my first book. Published 2005. ISBN 1-4208-8227-9



Starting creative (very) writing as a nine-year old in journals, I wrote whenever I could, but since retiring have been able to concentrate fully on my creativity. Also, many short stories have been written as a diversion from my more serious novel writing.  At the moment I have just completed my fifth novel. I am now entering a very vigorous session of re-rewiting and editing.


Twenty or so years, first as a successful newspaper photographer and then as a freelance, has provided me with a great insight into real life dramas. This in its turn has helped to give my writing the realistic edge that I try to achieve. The publication of ‘The Last Resort’, my first novel, has become an enormous achievement and its success has encouraged me to publish, my other completed works. 


My second novel - ‘Rabbits on the Lawn’ is a sensitive story of how a much younger sister helps her brain damaged brother to reach his potential in life. I find the subject too sensitive to consider publishing at the moment - but times change. It is a novel that i am very proud of.


'Ruby's Misfits', my third novel, digs into my early years, growing up in war-torn London. And then later it uses the experience that I gained in all walks of life as a newspaper photographer for much of my working life. This gives insight into disasters and real-life dramas that I was often called on to photograph.


First hand experiences of the war-years are swiftly becoming lost which is why I think that 'Ruby's Misfits' is an important piece of social history as well as a good read. Published 2013. ISBN 978-1-78299-792-4


My fourth novel 'Reflection and Secrets' has been re-written in serial form for a magazine, with no success to date - but it is not forgotten.


My fifth and present novel, 'Eight point Eight', is at the moment my work in progress and will hopefully be ready for snippets to be published online in the very near future. Watch this space.

There is more about this novel in 'My Books'.

I was Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the National Association of Writers’ Groups (NAWG), for seven years. I stepped down from office at the 2018 AGM.


A member of New Writers UK, and The Peterborough Writers Circle, who are both affiliated to NAWG.

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