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Published 2013 - 'Ruby's Misfits'
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Ruby's Misfits
ISBN No: 978-1-78299-792-4

Ruby Watson survives a childhood in the London Blitz, only to find her young life overturned by destructive family secrets. But Ruby’s dauntless spirit carries her through,
even when the death of her mother leaves her looking after her baby sister Grace. So begins a new kind of family that the warm hearted Ruby gathers round her in post-war Battersea: her ‘misfits’ who range from Grace to an eccentric tramp discovered in her cellar. Yet while she nurtures the lives of others, Ruby conceals her inner loneliness. 
Charming gifted Angus, her first sweetheart, seems lost to her, so, with
so much love to give, who will love Ruby . . .?

'Pam Fish writes with warnth and pace, her people are realistic and sympathetic, and she has a lovely touch in evoking the past and how our lives change through it.' Jude Morgan, author of 'Passion'and the 'Taste of Sorrow', and more recently 'The Secret Lif of Willliam Shakspeare'.<< New text box >>

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The Last Resort

A Saga spanning thirty years, with a generous helping of suspense and drama. 


"Diane? Get back in the house, you'll drown out here." The familiar voice echoed from her past.


Trembling, both from the intensity of the storm and Peter’s sudden appearance, she turned and ran towards the house ahead of him, her emotions now revolving through happiness to anger – and back again. Typical, she thought crossly as he politely stood on the threshold. But, his intense blue eyes found hers.


As always, Peter was reading into her very soul, recognising her years of sorrow and despair. . . .


. . . their stories begin. Diane’s early years and later when Peter’s life tangled with hers. More than thirty years, are about to unfold and be laid bare.


Broken marriages; kidnap; abuse; attempted rape; a fight out of the black abyss of alcoholism and Peter’s staunch support from Linda, the child who entered his life like a guardian angel. Diane’s stories are woven through a bold tapestry of babies growing up, marriages, and the births of a second generation, whilst Peter’s are told against the spectacular backdrop of the Dolomites.


With Diane’s steadfast commitment to family life in England, always at odds with Peter’s passion for the freedom of a less conventional life in Italy, it appears they are destined to remain apart . .


'The Last Resort' has its share of thoughtful and dramatic scenes,
in which Pam's forte is her visual, descriptive writing. Jean Saunders, aka Rachel Moore.

The Last Resort by Pam Fish.  ISBN:1-4208-8227-9
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